If you are a tourist in Casablanca and a food-lover then you are at the right place because this city has a great specialty and variety of foods. Here you will find food that is unique in Moroccan (Casablanca). However, we have to skirt a list of dishes that every visitor should have to try at Casablanca.

Most of the foods are their national delicacies. While the location of Casablanca is on the Atlantic shore, that means the variation of seafood is both famous and incredibly delicious.

As the largest and most liberal city in Morocco, Casablanca became more popular and built up a reputation as a food destination. Culinary traditions worldwide are presented here, from sushi restaurants of Japanese to eateries nailing in Mexican, Italian, French cuisine, and India.

Pastilla seafood

Casablanca is populous for blending in Moroccan and French culture elements, but one of the ideal dishes of Casablanca is pastilla. Pastilla is sometimes called B’stilla or Bastilla. It is a kind of salty parcel which is made from thin-paper sheets, werqa dough.

Customarily, Pastilla has been prepared by filling with pigeon meat, but fish or chicken is the most common variation. The Pastilla’s top is sifting with cinnamon, icing sugar, and nuts, which gives it a contrast of sweetness with a delicious taste. Le Cuisto habitual become famous for its chicken pastilla.


The single most famous dish in Morocco is Tagines adorned and chief in every Moroccan restaurant, especially in Casablanca. Tagines are cooked in cone-shaped clay pots that help keep moisture, but the ingredients of tagines are cook slowly above low heat.

This unique process guarantees tenderness and exceptional flavor, in addition to spices like ginger, saffron, turmeric, saffron, and cinnamon that gives the sweat a definite fantastic taste. Tagines come in several distinct flavors, including chicken, kofta (meatballs with a fried egg), and lamb. Fish tagines are a specific specialty and are the most excellent chief sampled in Casablanca at La Scala.

Harira Soup

Harira is another chief staple dish in Casablanca. It is a thick, appetizing soup. The meaning of this word in Arabic is “silky.” Harira is generally related to Ramadan dishes; it is served to break the fast. It is also an everlasting taste. Required ingredients and recipes are different from chef to chef. But harira is traditionally stowed with vegetables, like fava beans, chickpeas, and lentils, and stewed in a harissa broth and a tomato. Spices and herbs extend from coriander to caraway seeds. At Imilchil restaurant, it gives every kind of distinct unique features, with the harira.


The Moroccan style of carb-loaded with food is Rfissa, a moreish compelling dish that includes lentils and chickens on the top of shredded semen, a thick local flatbread. Sometimes the messmen is a switch for pastry, meloui, a type of pancake, or a loaf of bread that is one day old.

Anyhow, the lentils and chicken are douche in a creamy broth that soaks flavorful in the starch, prepared for an exactly satisfying meal. The broth is served with a spice blend that is ras el hanout, including saffron and fenugreek seeds. The fenugreek prepared rfissa, a regular dish for women post-childbirth, but you can try it at Zayna with much less effort.


People with a sweet tooth will be grateful to hear that Casablanca has a reasonable cost of sugary variety as well. Morocco’s version of a donut Sfenj is the favorite eaten among them. These fritter-like pastries are prepared from the unsweetened dough, and unleavened which is then perverted into a ring shape and deep-fried.

Sfenj is golden in color and crispy from the outside, such as American donuts. While the interior of the Sfenj is spongy and completely addictive, it has excellent taste. After coming out from the oil, the sfenj is usually sprinkled with granulated or powdered sugar or granulated. They will also dusted with cinnamon or dip in honey. Sfenj is finest eaten from Casablanca’s Central Market street stalls.

Kebda Mchermla

Kebda mchermla is a Namibian delicacy that conveys an unforgettable mouthwatering flavor strike for the daring meat-eaters. Generally, it serves as an accompaniment or as a starter to the main dish. Kebda mchermla is basically lamb’s liver ready with chermoula, the unique spice and herb blend usually related to seafood dishes.

Other ingredients depend on the culinary and your personal taste but could include parsley, garlic, and chili. It prepared flawlessly, and the liver will be melt in the mouth tender. Dar Filali is a beautiful Art of Deco restaurant in the center of the city, influences extraordinary kebda mchermla, and it must be your first wished location.


The food of Morocco cannot compete with Casablanca‘s freshen seafood. If you lead to the port, you can see fishermen can catching themselves. Casablanca’s seafood restaurant serves everything from fried line fish and grilled to oysters, prawns, and lobster. Moroccan’s specialty is fish chermoula, any fish dish made traditionally soaking with spices and herbs are known as Chermoula. For the most genuine flavors, option for a whole fish grilled and basted over hot coals. Le Cabestan restaurant is our best selection for seafood in Casablanca.


Couscous is a traditional dish all over Morocco. It is prepared from crushed semolina steamed balls. It is selling all over in Casablanca, that you will find it at every restaurant in Moroccan. It is a competitor to other stew or a tagine or as a perfect starter. Couscous is quite blended on its own, but Moroccan cooks know how to make every eat memorable in addition to multiplex spices. Couscous tfaya is an excellent instance dish prepared with caramelized raisins and onions. Some recipes such as nuts, including seffa, a famous Moroccan dessert that blends couscous with cinnamon, butter, and almonds. Dar Zellij restaurant of Casablanca serves some of the finest flawless Couscous.


There is no classic Casablanca’s food, but the different Moroccan popular dishes are cooked as a mouthwatering selection. Food in Casablanca is delicious, and it is the best cuisine around the world. However, you should only eat vegetables or fruits that have been washed, peeled, or perfectly cooked for memorable eaten. Hot food prepared quickly is generally safe to eat, where it is an excellent choice to eat even citizens of Casablanca; these are favorite eaten among them.