What is real estate trade?

The global real estate trade is based on the constant fluctuation of the purchase and sale of real estate, driven by the desire of the buyer-seller to change their room.

The commercial exchange, from the real estate point of view, lies in the sale of your old house, while fixing the price you intend to pay for an apartment or a new house (which is not necessarily a new construction).

In short, it is the transactional principle that allows you to sell an old apartment, while setting the price of the desired apartment or house.

There are many methods to protect your investment while you go through the change of home, one of them is the purchase-sale commitment contracts, which allows you to secure the price of a property, that is, a seller who concludes a contract can Rest assured: as long as his old apartment is for sale, the price of the new apartment reserved by him will not change.

This is a popular and modern transaction scheme today in the global real estate trade. Now, if you are comfortable in your old house, why change to a new one? Well, there are many reasons to acquire a newly manufactured property, such as:

  • Large kitchens in new homes.
  • The new houses have modern elevators and good porches.
  • Significant savings in most new buildings, due to rooftop boiler rooms, individual gas boilers, and other stand-alone heating systems.
  • In new buildings, developers often provide new playgrounds and parking lots.
  • As a result, you can move to a more comfortable apartment in the same area for almost the same cost (if this is the same area), in cheaper conditions, or expand with minimal surcharges, using all the capabilities of a real estate agency like Berdino & Diaz Negocios. Real estate.

Stages of real estate marketing:

Determine the market price of real estate.

The property price will serve as a “starting point” for the entire real estate marketing plan for the sale, including measures for the near future such as preparation for the sale (sales tactics) and events for the future up to 3-6 months (sales strategy).

Without a well-defined price, taking into account all the factors that affect the price, it makes no sense to make predictions about the time of sale, all the actions of the agent or realtor may be in vain.

An accurate assessment also contributes to the correct positioning of the object on the market and quick contact with “your” customer, which helps speed up the transaction.

Agents and real estate agents only need to study the behaviour of buyers when searching for real estate and adjust the real estate marketing strategy.

Choosing a short or long sale strategy

Real estate prices in each part of the city are always in constant dynamics, forming a certain arithmetic mean value “per meter”, only the information on the price of the transactions carried out in the market gives a real image.

Such information is available to real estate brokers and appraisers in the presence of a database of information with a large selection of options. By performing statistics, you can obtain data on the number of objects for sale of different price categories, the average time of exposure on the market for objects of different formats and prices.

Having such data, we can assume the approximate sales period for any object, if similar objects were already sold in this market segment in the foreseeable time since the beginning of the study. On the basis of such data, a real estate company like Tajarat properties can make a forecast on the exposure time of a certain object at a certain price with an accuracy of 1 month and choose a marketing strategy with the seller.

Having correctly determined the market price of the object, the real estate agent, the main object, assigns himself the target audience for which the advertising campaign will be established. Each object has its own buyer, but to find a way to “hook” it with an advertising message, you must try not to make a mistake with the choice of advertising medium.

 If the price is acceptable, nothing interferes with the deal, and a lot depends on the way the object is presented, the first impression of the object in the advertisement. To create the correct first impression for a buyer, a real estate agent must thoroughly study the object, know all its strengths and weaknesses, its history.

It is of great importance to create the correct first impression of the advertisement with the buyers, since it is the first buyers who responded to the advertisements of the object who are most motivated to buy, because they want to buy real estate, similar to the advertised property, are actively searching and do not require additional motivation to buy.

Proper presentation and knowledge of the history and positive aspects of the object will help its active promotion on the market. A real estate agent, as an expert in promotion, prepares high-quality descriptions, photos and videos, selects the most effective advertising platforms and other ways to promote and attract clients in the shortest possible time.

It is of great importance to work with the agency’s client base, which accumulates people with money or approved mortgages who leave the chains of change and are already motivated to buy.

Importance of customer contact

We attach great importance to the conversations with the client-seller of the intermediate results of the joint real estate marketing work. The owners are interested in the quick sale of their property and voluntarily assist the realtor in his work.

In the first stage of cooperation with the agency, the owners implement the recommendations of the realtor on the preparation of the property for sale, behave correctly at exhibitions of the object and in preliminary negotiations.

Of course, an experienced real estate agent plays the leading role in these events, but the seller’s desire to help you is essential to overall success.

According to the conditions and obligations of the parties to the contract, the deadlines are established for the presentation to the owner of provisional reports on the work carried out by the real estate agent.

So, the report shows what the real estate agent did together with the seller at the stage of preparing the property for sale, describes the measures taken to assess the correct positioning of the object.

The advertising media used are discussed and the results of the comments received from the buyers are given, the number of impressions delivered to the clients and intermediate conclusions are drawn about the effectiveness of the advertising campaign carried out by the real estate agent.

If the object did not sell, according to the data in the report, the real estate agent makes short-term and long-term forecasts and real estate marketing measures are planned for further promotion of property in the market.

The real estate fever

If your idea is to create a plan for the future through real estate investments with recurring income, you must follow a series of guidelines that are essential for all investors who want to get carried away by the real estate fever.


It is known that in life, nothing is sufficiently protected and that anything can happen that endangers your assets, so it is best to keep your properties well insured for possible unforeseen events.

Measure yourself.

It is necessary to exactly quantify your investment capacity and your expectations of profitability, before you start evaluating possible real estate investments, you should always take into account the basic expenses and your payment possibilities.


Do not follow other investors because what they do is simply fashionable. Plan what your target market will be, if you invest in properties lightly you could end up acquiring a property with many problems or in areas of low profitability.

When deciding whether to opt for possible future revaluations or rental profitability, we recommend taking a little of both. Adequate advice is essential to make it possible.

A successful real estate investor is one who invests in Rudn Enclave location with prospects for economic growth due to the infrastructures already built, the projects of new ventures and the active commercial life.

Take into account that properties are tangible assets, and therefore they have the risk of being treated emotionally. The recommendation is to think with the coldness that a successful investor requires and not stick to the material.

Finally, we all like comfort, so we would consider that it is easier to buy next to where we live, but if we talk about investments, always remember what you are doing and why you are doing it. Do your math, be cool and business-minded when deciding what and where to buy, so that the real estate fever drives you up and doesn’t leave you mired in unnecessary debt.

What affects the value of real estate?

Before any purchase, you should analyse all offers from buyers. Little by little, the search circle is narrowing, and we are ready to reach an agreement that focuses on the true value of the properties traded.

What affects the value of real estate? By having a little understanding of the market situation, you can save time searching for the necessary area for your home or business.

First of all, the cost is affected by the area where the property is located. The closer to the centre, the more expensive. This applies to office space. Residential apartments will be more expensive in places where there are no busy roads, there are several places of rest or parks, as well as where the low crime rate.

The next factor that affects cost is the year of construction. Optimal when the building is 3 to 10 years old. Older houses are more difficult to convert, for example to put a burglar alarm.

Among other important factors is the type of material. The most expensive houses are made of brick, monolith or stone. Panel houses are already priced lower.

You can also call a factor like inner and outer space. What do you think, where will be the highest price for two identical buildings, but in one there is a playground, security console, as well as pots of fresh flowers on the edges of the windows? Obviously, the one with extra benefits.

And the last factors that affect the price we call the interior of the room and the availability of repair. Although here it will be possible to dispute the fact that generally new owners want to do everything in a new way.

 But it is necessary to take into account the price of future construction works, which do not always generate an increase in the value of the properties at the time of sale.